About Us


Empathy and Smiles for All

Empathy protein is Non-GMO Project Certified, nutrient-dense, and simply sourced from Belgian and Canadian crops. Inside, it contains digestive enzymes, curcumin, and all-natural ingredients without gluten, soy, or added sugar.

We believe we can feel, perform, and do our best when our food isn’t packed at the expense of the Earth. So, as the first of our kind, we’re serving all that in sustainable, recyclable packets that’s made for anyone.

This is a party everyone’s invited to. Vegan or not, every swap to a plant-based alternative is beneficial, so we’re including everyone in our steps towards a better alternative. We’re replacing performative activism with real action, divisiveness with inclusion, and plastic packaging with plants.

Member of the Plant-Based of Canada Association (PBFC)

Our Journey to Carbon Neutrality through Sustainable Packaging

With the rise of Earth-conscious consumers (like you) many companies started slapping biodegradable stickers across their plastic packages thinking they were slick, but “compostable” and “biodegradable” aren’t interchangeable.

Biodegradable is an umbrella term for anything that degrades from naturally occurring microorganisms (think bacteria, fungi, or algae). Technically, even plastic is biodegradable, but the process can take centuries. That’s not cool.

Instead, compostable is a specific term for items that break down into valuable nutrients for the environment, even in at-home compost before being added to a home garden plot. We are developing completely compostable packaging for Empathy now, but until then we’re using recyclable packets. This is an unpaved path; it's hard, but we remain committed to Earth for it's our home and there is no Planet B.