Want to eat vegan in Vancouver? Here’s where you can!


We love our protein powder, but unfortunately, you simply can't eat that for every meal. Sometimes, you gotta switch it up. If you're looking for a different meal plan today, we're rounding up some local Canadian spots for plant-based dining in a series. Today, it's Vancouver's turn in the spotlight.

Where to Eat Vegan in Vancouver, British Columbia

Virtuous Pie


Founded by a father-and-son(s) team, Rob, Ben, and Alex, this vegan pizza joint serves hand-stretched dough and small-batch ice cream. Everything they serve has house-made touches, none of that fresh-from-the-freezer flavors.

Fan-favorite Stranger Wings pizza combines Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower (drenched in Bianca sauce) with fried shallots and blue cheese. Eat that alongside one of their housemade beverages (Lavender Chamomile Lemonade, please!). Don't forget ice cream, either.

One reviewer said, "Does Virtuous Pie make vegan food fun/accessible without being scary and intimidating? YESSSSSS." We're into that!

Visit Virtuous Pie at one of two locations in Vancouver: UBC or Chinatown.

Leef & Stem Culinary Co.


Co-owners Steve and Kahla are the husband and wife team at Leef & Stem Culinary Co. Opened in March, 2018, Leef & Stem was named after a page in their son Teddy's journal as a toddler. The title of the page: Leaf + Stem.

"Leaf" was changed to "Leef," meaning "beloved" in Plautdietsch. The heart that's evident in their story translates into their meals: protein-rich, thoughtful recipes offer a wide variety of plant combinations depending on what you're craving.

Fuel your day with one of their macro bowls or keep it light with a duo of specialized toasts. It'll sound cliched, but their Avocado Toast is fan-fave. With sweet-pea pesto hummus beneath the fresh avocado, it's not as basic as it sounds. Come evening, they swap to pizzas.

One reviewer said, "I've always felt like this whole bowl/smoothie trend is overpriced and ridiculous but I was actually full and felt good after eating." We like to see expectations turned on their heads.

Visit Leef & Stem in Langley City (but check social media first, they've temporarily closed due to flooding).

Plant Me.


Resistant to simplify themselves as fast-casual, Plant Me does make eating very easy. With a variety of vegan and vegetarian meals clearly labeled (including which include honey), it's simple to order something that fits your diet.

They offer a variety of combinable plates or family meal options for simple ordering. But when it comes to that ordering, reviews couldn't agree on what was best! Between ordering too many dips or sticking to a main? You'll have to opt for both.

One reviewer said, "Everything was quite frankly fantastic," which isn't very helpful when it comes to narrowing it down, huh?

Visit Plant Me at Our Town cafe on East Broadway (or get it delivered, you couch potato).

Mizu Sushi Co.


This passion project is plant-based, gluten-free, and sugar-free, so if you want to eat good food without all those things, here's where to go. Operating as a satellite kitchen for pick-up only, they are right with Empathy on sustainable packaging! They serve plant-based sushi (freshly handmade) in biodegradable and recyclable packages.

Their menu is small, so you could easily try it all, but if you're stumped opt for the fan faves Nori-Yaki and Pseudo-Shimi. They are made with mushroom and tomato, respectively, as replacements for the fish. Both feature their housemade mizunaise that's equally plant-based and juuuuust spicy enough.

One reviewer said, "You don't need to be vegan to fall in love with these handcrafted, plant-based sushi creations." We love their attitude.

Visit Mizu Sushi Co. on Powell Street (behind Andina Brewery).

Lotus Seed


With plates to bowls and breakfast to dinner, it would take you several visits to try the full menu. No matter the time of day, you can find a fitting meal.

Though, if you ask the regulars, the Lemon grass Thai Curry is the clear winner. It's only mildly spicy, but flavorful enough that seemingly every fan orders it on their visit. For breakfast runs, the Vegan Benny is the obvious choice.

One reviewer said, "Will I return? Yes of course I'm anticipating my next visit already." We love to see people planning for the future!

Visit Lotus Seed on Broadway.



For a classic craving, turn to the Beetbox. They've veganized all the classic go-to's: Cheeseburger, Fried Chicken Sandwich, and even Eggplant Parm. Everything they serve looks like you grabbed it at a food festival. It might feel a little sinful, but it's also heavenly, ya know?

The hottest gal at the party is their Nashville Chick-un Sandwich which has the crunch you crave (without any meat), but no one can get away without ordering a slew of sides: Yam Sides with Fermented Miso or Peanut Gravy Fries.

One reviewer said, "If you're looking for a meal that embodies the genre of comfort food for a hungry vegan, you'll find that here!" Frankly, we couldn't have said it better (that's why we didn't).

Find Beetbox on Davie Street for pick-up or delivery (because easy does it).



Class it up a bit with MILA's fine dining fair. They've got special menus for brunch, lunch, and dinner so pick the right time for you.

If you come in the morning, do not miss the Mango Cheesecake Waffle which pairs perfectly with a Mimosa Flight for a fruit-forward ode to summer. For dinner, good luck choosing: Smashed Chips are served with drool-triggering miso garlic butter, but the Fish + Chips have carmelized lemon. No matter what, get dessert. Like, several desserts…

One reviewer said, "Tasting as a meat-eater, their dishes are shockingly good." We love to see everyone agreeing about delicious food.

Visit MILA on Keefer street. Sit outside if the weather's nice.

Level V Bakery


Operated by Monica Tang, this all-vegan bakery is slinging all sorts of sweet treats without any animal product. Tang started eating vegetarian and a year later went vegan. Now, she's making sweets that people with all diets can agree are simply tasty!

Croissants are a must when here, but there are always new things to try. If you're adventurous, grab a Mochi Muffin too for good measure.

One reviewer said, "Every treat from here is just so lovable." Usually, "I love you so much, I'm gonna eat you," isn't a good thing to say, but in this case it is!

Visit Level V Bakery on Kingsway.

The Cider House


Vancouver's first taphouse is serving a plant-based food menu steps from Kitsilano Beach. Grab food (and drinks, of course) to go and hit the beach on a good day.

Lean into your Canadian self with some Roasted Mushroom Poutine or kick it up with Maple Chili Bites. For a big plate, the Jackfruit Tacos are a requirement.

One reviewer said, "I despise vegan food! Every time I've tried something - it hasn't been enjoyable at all! Cider House has changed my views on that.” They had us in the first half, not gonna lie…

Visit The Cider House on Yew Street.

Kind Cafe


Owned by a father-daughter duo, this cafe isn't just vegan, but zero waste! They make their own cheeses, milk alternates, and dressings without any animal products. They use entirely reusable options for a cafe operation that produces no trash! We're geeking out, frankly!

A menu top-hit is the Carrot Lox Bagel which looks and tastes so similar to lox it could throw someone off! Pair with a colorful smoothie for maximum aesthetic appeal. Do it for the gram.

One reviewer said, "I couldn't bring myself to share, sorry!" We felt that.

Visit Kind Cafe on South Main Street.

Where to Eat Vegan in the rest of British Columbia?

We're working on rounding up some plant-based favorites throughout British Columbia and beyond. If you're not based in Vancouver, stick around for more cities coming soon.