Besides Going Plant-Based, How to be Eco Friendly?


You’re here, so you already know how great eating plant-based is. We love that. Honestly. It’s the environmental impact for me. But, now that you’re down with legumes, what else can you do for the environment?

Cut Down on Waste

Much like plant-based diets are beneficial because they use less resources , making additional changes to produce less waste products and recycle or re-use more softens your impact on the planet.

1. Support Sustainable Companies

Look at you, overachiever you are! You’re already doing this! Empathy ships protein powder in certified recyclable packaging you can even compost at home. As you shop for the rest of your favorites, consider swapping for companies who are also using recyclable or compostable packaging or shop at bulk centers where you fill your own reusable containers.

2. Re-Use Your Own Items

Okay, so this is an easy one. We’ve all heard of reduce, reuse, recycle, but it’s a classic for a reason! Examine the different products you buy over and over again: paper towels, makeup removers, or plastic cutlery and swap to reusable variations.

In a similar vein, look into sustainable fashion. Consider investing in more expensive, higher quality clothing that will last longer. The longer an item lives in your closet, the less you send the outdated replacements to a landfill!

Use Less Energy

The less energy you use, the less energy we have to produce over time! Consider how to swap products or change habits to use less energy at home.

1. Better Light Bulbs

When your current light bulbs die, replace them with compact fluorescent lights. These updated bulbs last five times longer and use less electricity than incandescent bulbs. Better yet, try LED bulbs.

2. Cut Down on Utilities

Experiment with ways to use less energy at home. Some habits will feel easier to swap to than others, focus on those! Changes you can actually live with will last longer.

Try these…

-Wash clothes (that you can) on cold water cycles! 85% of the washing machines energy use goes to heating the water! Plus, cold water cycles are gentler on the clothes so those last longer, too.

-Dry clothes on a drying rack or line outside. Again, this swap is good for the health of your clothes too.

-Scale back heating/cooling. Especially in the winter, it’s easy to create a comfortable environment without heating the whole house. Try using smaller heated items rather than raising the temperature of the whole room: heated blankets and a cooler bedroom or a standing heater in your office. By fueling something smaller with more targeted heat, you can cut back on what your whole home needs.

An alternative, when considering home utilities, is to swap to a better energy source. Look into adding solar energy panels to your roof for a cleaner energy source alongside (or instead of) cutting down on energy use itself.

Support Environmental Action

While individual changes are awesome, large-scale policies have much greater impact on our environment than a single person. Educate yourself about your local policies and how they impact the Earth. Be vocal and driven with your support about environmental initiatives. Show up for votes and push your representatives towards positive change.

At Empathy, we took plant-based protein powder a step further with Certified Compostable packaging. Now, how are you going to take plant-based eating a step further?

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